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    The FSA program is by application only. As this a "hands on" business offering there is a great deal of technical, education, client education, marketing, branding and sales support built into the program, requiring significant resources and effort from I Love SMSF and Grant Abbott.

    It is not for everyone, only those committed to be at the leading edge of the SMSF industry. As such, businesses must meet certain criteria. In addition, FSA firms and advisers will be advertised as suppliers of Family SMSF specialist advice. We take great care in ensuring FSAs meet our high standards and able to achieve financial and business goals to be set.

    For more on the FSA program please contact our Customer Service Manager, Phil Manhire on 0452 1444 76 orĀ phil@Ilovesmsf.com


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    A SMSF Strategist is a financial services professional that has at least 10% or more of their fee-for-service revenue coming from SMSF Trustees. This may be by way of strategic advice, investment or insurance advice including property acquisition or a professional who is seeking to build up their SMSF client portfolio through confident, learned strategy skills.

    Apart from the important components of the Scholar package, Strategists will be trained on Family SMSFs by Grant Abbott, monthly open Q & A sessions where you will be able to personally ask Grant any strategic question, and a Strategy forum where Grant and the team from TGA Legal will be providing technical and strategy support to questions and cases posed by Strategist members.

    In addition, the FASEA Hours offering from the Scholar package will be provided for two additional members of your firm as we see it is vital to spread the learning.

    In addition, Scholars will receive a 25% discount on other I Love SMSF products and services including face to face SMSF Strategy breakfasts, SMSF Adviser training, estate planning offerings with TGA Legal and also the upcoming LightYear Docs platform.

    LIMITED OFFER: FIRST MONTH FREE - No charge will be made to your credit card for the first 30 days.


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    An SMSF scholar is a Trustee or Financial Services Professional that seeks continuous SMSF and Family SMSF knowledge, education, training and CPD. Each month, in addition to technical emails, blogs and YouTube videos, you will have access to a webinar, both live and recorded of Grant Abbott discussing important SMSF and Family SMSF technical issues, pulling apart and building strategies from a topical case study. For the most part, the issue will be relevant to 90% of SMSFs so it can be applied in personal SMSFs as well as for a wide range of client SMSFs. One FASEA Hour from the relevant SMSF, Financial Planning and Accounting Associations will be offered with a completion certificate for attendees on the live webinar. It is expected that more than 20 FASEA Hours will be available for Scholars completing all technical webinars.

    Scholars will also have access to a library of technical papers and a digital copy of the regularly updated Gurus Guide to SMSFs. In addition, Scholars will receive a 15% discount on other I Love SMSF products and services including face-to-face SMSF Strategy breakfasts, Family SMSF Adviser training, estate planning offerings with TGA Legal and also the upcoming LightYear Docs platform.


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