The SMSF Party Lives On – but not this election

Our Party Secretary, Ashleigh Jaremyn has done absolute wonders in getting the SMSF Party to where it is today. With more than 5,000 members, we sent a sample of 526 to the Australian Electoral Commission to ensure that the requirement of 500 members being on the voting roll was safe and secure.  However at the 11th hour they came back and informed us that 27 of our members were not on the electoral roll and we had to resubmit, which we did immediately but the AEC did not get to them in time before the Prime Minister called the election.  Time can be a friend and an enemy.

We may not have made it in time for the election, but I spoke at the Gold Coast retirees election special on 11 April and self-funded retirees have had a gutful of both sides. And if the polls are to be believed looks like we are in for a Labor government who has promised major taxation and superannuation changes (not for industry super funds of course).  And to be honest my thinking is that we were probably not quite ready at this time to make a significant dent in the crowd but by the time of the next election with a potential recession in the offing, maybe a GFC in the wings and all the horrendous policies implemented and having an impact, by this stage the Australian electorate will be ready for another “keep the bastards honest” party.

For all those that supported us I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I know deep down submissions go nowhere unless there is big money backers behind them, and that the only way to make change is in the hall of Parliament. So it is time to build, attack any measures and become united.  By the time of the next election another 1.3 million Baby Boomers will have retired, so our membership will continue to swell and grow and become a lot more active.

If you have not joined the SMSF Party consider at this next election, whether you are really going to be heard, let alone looked after.  Its Grant Abbott, President of the SMSF Party, shouting loud and clear – this fight will never go away.