I met with a good friend and colleague Michael Samu from Think Big Financial Group in Melbourne the other day and we started taking strategy.  He has a lot of property clients and we put some ideas up on the board, a bit of this unit trust, a bit of that JV, a SIS Reg 13.22C company or two, service trusts, limited partnerships and well you know how it goes.  Suddenly we were knee-deep in ideas, strategising.  Lost in a world of financial creativity.  The absolute best.  That and teaching is what I live for, what I love doing.  And SMSFs of course!

The funny thing is that when I was leaving Michael confided to me that the last couple of years he had not spent time strategising, just building his business and helping clients with cash flow and business planning.  And that he really missed “strategising.”

I know how he felt.  For a long while in my previous business, NowInfinity, I got stuck building a back office in Manila, helping develop a corporate affairs platform and everything but strategising.  I was doing stuff but stuff that I was not passionate about.  Talking to a corporate administration about a 452 lodgement is not me.  So, when an offer came up to buy me out of the business I jumped.

And no I did not retire.  I will never retire.  Read my lips – retirement and Grant Abbott will never happen, not in this lifetime anyway.  Being stuck in a business not strategising is bad enough but not doing business or keeping my mind active is unfathomable.  Forget that.

And that is where I Love SMSF comes in.  A simple plain name and direction for me and the team.  You can’t be in our team unless you love SMSFs.  I am so, so proud to say that I do.  They have given me a wonderful life and changed the fortunes of so many Australian families and given great businesses to so many and careers to thousands.  Plus, at their core – they are pure strategy.  The laws are so vast and when used in conjunction with other tax structures like Family Trusts, testamentary trusts, companies and the like, the sheer possibilities are endless.  Give me any business, any family (and thank the stars Paul Keating invented super guarantee) and I am ready and able to strategise, pull apart and build into some brand – shiny new.

It’s like an architect that can see this magnificent house or building on a vacant block of land.  I can actually see how things can be different financially and family-wise when I see a set of structures, family relationships, superannuation and best of all, a business, farm, high income and well, anyone seeking to make their family’s wealth greater.  And it got me to thinking, is strategising a learned skill or are only some of us blessed to do it?  Well I know Michael Samu has got it and I definitely know so many people I have taught or been involved with in the past have it.

So, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that most people have an innate ability to strategise, create new solutions.  Particularly accountants and financial planners.  They love coming up with strategies and ideas for clients.  SMSFs can be tough because of the sheer volume of possibilities but give me a blank whiteboard, a set of client facts, an adviser keen to strategise and away we go.  Time stops, energy and passion rise and new worlds are created.

What happens though is that we stop strategising.  The thing we love to do.   And that is so sad and it is time to do what I love to do.  So, if you love strategising and love SMSFs, then let’s get together.  I have laid down October to be my “strategy month” and I shall be visiting various cities going to businesses to build their strategy mojo.  So, if you want to get your strategy mojo back on and have fun for an hour I will be there for you.  Doing what I love to do, just make sure that you are ready to hit this head on.  So contact Phil Manhire – phil@ilovesmsf.com to see when I am in your home town and to get me out to your business.  No cost, just our time and a lot of challenging fun.  Let’s get started – strategising.

P.S. For those going to Class Connect 2018 at the Sydney Hilton on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th September, I have got myself a huge whiteboard and will be strategising until the cows come home.  Bring me your best stuff, challenge me and let’s strategise together.