Make the Leap to a Family SMSF Adviser (FSA) with I Love SMSF

I LOVE SMSF has the only Family SMSF Adviser training, mentoring and business strategy in the market.  We love to be the innovators and the leaders.  We love to strategise, and most of all we love to assist our members to strategise and build their SMSF businesses – most importantly, their Family SMSF Businesses!

Take some time to consider where you would like your SMSF business to go over the next 12 months, 2 years, 5 years and more. The SMSF industry is changing and I have come back into the fray to build, grow and strategise around the new wave of SMSFs – the “Family SMSF”.

Next week, the first round of FOUNDATION MEMBERS will be receiving my very first (or perhaps reborn…) volume of “The Strategist” (aptly named – and taking me back to June 1996 when I typed my first ever “Strategist” newsletter), and within this publication, I shall be reminding them all that whilst I am not abandoning the “common or average SMSF”, there are just so many more tax, family, financial and estate planning strategies in a multi-generational or blended family fund. Anyone in the SMSF game would have to agree with me here.

I have been anticipating the last week and the launch of I LOVE SMSF for over 2 years now, and with the support of my incredible partners and team, I am back working at my roots – mentoring and helping to create the best SMSF advisers in Australia. I cannot make any promises but I can assure you that working with myself and the I LOVE SMSF team will give you the opportunity to LEARN (from the best of the best), ADVISE (with a full understanding of how to read and apply the law – all whilst building outstanding wealth creation and wealth protection strategies) and GROW (and by grow, we mean not only your businesses bottom line but also yours and your team’s SMSF knowledge bank).

I encourage you to spend some time having a look around our new website, watch some SMSFTV, familiarise yourself with our events calendar, and consider where you could take both your business and your clients’ (and your own) wealth. And if you can see the opportunity and would like to make a leap to becoming a fully accredited Family SMSF Adviser, these are my suggested steps to success:

  1. Contact our Market Development Director, Phil Manhire, at or on 0452 144 476 to further discuss the benefits of Family SMSF Adviser membership with I Love SMSF.
  2. Read the Guru’s Guide to SMSFs
  3. Provide a copy of the Guru’s Guide to your top SMSF clients (FSA members receive 50 free hard copies for this purpose)
  4. Have your staff trained by myself on the latest Family SMSF strategies
  5. Build an Events Planning capacity in your firm, again with my help.
  6. Have me attend a client presentation with as many of your clients as possible to talk about the need for Family SMSFs and in particular, the need for YOUR advice. The purpose is to book client appointments for Family SMSF upgrades.
  7. Access the I Love SMSF Family SMSF document portal and upgrade system.
  8. Discuss specific client strategies with myself and my technical team – we are here to help!
  9. Utilise the I Love SMSF paraplanning service to build robust SMSF specific Statements of Advice for your clients.
  10. Repeat steps 1 to 9 again in six months but this time with a focus on Family SMSF Estate Planning.

Stay Strategic, and I look forward to personally welcoming you on board.

Grant Abbott