Strategy is what SMSF and tax advising is all about – it gets us up in the morning, dazzles the clients, shows leadership over our competitors and here’s the best thing, it is a lot of fun.  Tons of fun actually, provided you know what you are doing and can execute it perfectly and compliantly.  For me, strategy is my life and there is nothing worse when you have sold a business and have to take a two year break strategy free.  But those times are over and I’m back, but this time things are different.  Better. I still strategise every day, with many strategies coming from the Commissioner’s SMSF rulings or dealing with queries that come into my in-box.  Every day a new strategy and a new opportunity. But my strategies are so much better now because I have taken the advice from a number of my supporters and started not only flow charting my strategies (can you believe) but building and automating them for use anywhere, anytime. You could be at an auction with a client who wants to buy a property with their SMSF and need to build a related party LRBA to cover a deposit, while upgrading the deed, setting up a holding trust and related party loan – no worries, get your phone out and it’s done in five minutes. More on that later.

Thank You SMSFs for my Twenty Five Years

I am getting ahead of myself.  Without SMSFs, I honestly don’t know what I would have done or become.  They are the love of my life, through my personal ups and downs, my passion for strategising in SMSFs have carried me through and allowed me to rise like Lazarus when my personal life was tough.  And I have to honestly thank all of you who have supported me along the way.  I am a teacher and love showing off my strategies and how they can work with your clients, how you can build a great SMSF business and like me, become a SMSF Strategist.  And that’s important because my inner most fabric is as a teacher.  I am not one to try and tell you that the strategy must have written advice behind it and charge you thousands of $$ with big disclaimers.  Sorry that’s not me, I strategise and teach strategies – the ins and outs, what clients it applies to, the opportunities and how to add value and charge for it.

To be honest I have been blessed lucking into SMSFs. When I started this journey 25 years ago did I ever know that they would grow to 1.1 million members and more than $750 Billion in assets.  No way! But they have given me great passion, strategic and business opportunities and to see so many SMSF millionaires inspires me.  You don’t see those in retail or industry super funds.  Sure the laws change and here’s my mantra – bring it on, new strategies and new opportunities. And while we’re here another one of my favourite sayings – I never say “no” to a strategy, there is always a way to do it, you just need to find it.

SMSFs are Our Future

On the SMSF side we have seen nothing yet, believe me.  The next generation is soon to shift into SMSFs in a big way.  And for us as advisers that means career, professional and personal opportunities and growth.  Look if I could guarantee to you, and I don’t care what age you are, that within ten years SMSFs will grow to $1,230 Billion and in 20 years – $2,300 Billion, wouldn’t you focus on that opportunity.  These figures are from the Australian Treasury and history shows they have been conservative in the past , so let it rain SMSFs.

And can I lay another important fact on you that should get your strategy juices flowing.  Over the next 20 years more than $300 billion will be passed from SMSFs courtesy of members dying.  And from what I am seeing from queries coming into my inbox the planning and documentation are woeful, and these are done by lawyers pretending to be estate planning lawyers.

Quick Strategy Update: I am building some great estate planning strategies that you can create for your clients, not only inside a SMSF but across a whole range of structures and entities including wills, testamentary and SMSF trusts.  I am having so much fun building it and watch out for our October SMSF Strategy sessions where it will be launched, it’s a real game changer.

Strategy Automation is the Future – Here and Now

Over the past two years, apart from writing my latest SMSF book, I have been building a SMSF Strategy Automation Platform with my team. One where I develop a strategy, break it down into its legal, compliance and strategy components, flow chart it, build it, get it signed off legally and compliance wise, then put it on the LightYear Docs platform for testing, then launch and train on it for immediate use.  We have kept it under wraps until we were comfortable with the system, the automation, the teaching platform and well until it was perfect.  Now that does not mean we won’t continue to grow, with 25 years of SMSF strategies up my sleeve there is a lot, in fact a huge amount of work to do to get all my strategies and more onto the platform.  And it is not just my strategies we are building some great business succession planning strategies with one of Australia’s guru’s.

In the past few weeks we have built and put on our LightYear Docs a related party LRBA for property (remember that property auction earlier).  For this strategy which follows the Commissioner’s guidance on related party lending = PCG 2016/5 there are at minimum, six legal documents set in a perfect strategy flow that takes less than ten minutes to complete and for a fraction of the cost.  Next week, we have a related party LRBA for shares and units being launched, we like to call it an Instalment Warrant that you, not an investment bank can create.  Now mind you these Strategy Automations cover so many different client circumstances but that is where our training and teaching platform – I Love SMSF, with our CPD training comes into play.  Just yesterday I used the instalment warrant strategy to showcase a client case study relating to the transfer of shares pregnant with capital gains into a SMSF to be used for pension purposes, tax free income and refundable franking credits while getting rid of capital gains tax.  A great strategy but making it work in minutes with the LightYear Docs platform just takes so much weight off all our shoulders and let’s us find and focus on clients that we can help and strategise with.  A win for everyone particularly the clients.

Next up is an All Purposes Loan Agreement with or without a Personal Guarantee and Mortgage Deed – for loans from a SMSF, Trust, Company, Individual to a range of parties.  Again, quick, compliant and highly effective for a whole range of strategies.  And soon the whole estate planning suite – I must admit that I am so passionate about fixing up Australia’s estate planning mess with my Strategists.

Become a Strategist with Me

Being a SMSF Strategist is committing to strategy, being with me when I do the webinars, asking questions, sending in client queries, building the strategies and really taking your strategy life to the next level.  For those who have followed me for a long time and supported me, I welcome you as a Strategist with open arms and commit myself to building your business with strategies, automation and where I can client referrals.  For those seeking to make SMSFs their leading light then I would love to have you as a Strategist. There is only upside. Only yesterday I had an email come into our support from someone who had read “The Guru’s Guide to SMSFs” and wanted help on using a SMSF to develop five acres into building lots.  This I passed on to one of our Strategist advisers.  As I said I am a teacher and you are better suited to advising but I know this client will get great advice, value and in the end a great long term SMSF plan and solution.

Thanks to our lean, smart team – great technology and systems plus in-house legal and strategy building, we are able to offer our monthly LY Strategist package of Training, CPD for your whole firm to make it a SMSF strategy organisation, Strategy Automation with built-in smarts, Strategy Support and being part of a leading group of strategic minded advisers – Strategists.  This is not boring documents but SMSF passion and commitment.  After all Strategies are Gold!

Our headline rate for the LY Strategist is normally $795 per month for unlimited strategies, documentation and unlimited CPD for all Strategists and their staff but depending on your business and where you are in the Strategist curve we can tailor effective packages for those looking to make a real difference as a Strategist.  Plus we have a super special offer for the next 30 days only, where you can get the LY Strategist package plus equity in our business for the same package price.  That way we all share in the success of SMSFs and the business, however it is strictly limited to 3 days only.  To find out more, Ts and Cs please book a session with me here, call Daniel on 0422 509 217, call me on 0418 735 491 or email