I have run two document and training businesses in my life and both did extremely well and live on today. But those who know me know I never stop, innovation and passion fill my core. I love SMSFs but believe it or not the real business love in my life is strategies – business – marketing – finance – structures – client solutions and so much more.

After I sold out of NowInfinity in 2016, I started to think, strategise and more importantly lay the groundwork for a new strategy system for accountants, financial planners, mortgage brokers, real estate agents and well much, much more. The first step was to get my hands on the world’s best legal document production system – which I did and I have to admit I was so happy to put the bad old development days behind me. The sweat and stress of bugs and systems breaking down, it can kill a business and its soul. The next step was to build with the best in town – core tax, SMSF, super, small business and legal documents – fresh for the times and super strategic. But here’s the deal, thanks to the platform, which can handle 1 million documents per day, we can offer these core documents for $99 or less. That is a new paradigm, innovative and a win-win for all professionals seeking to offer the best structures and documents to their clients at the best possible price.

But the real goal and one that I started years ago is the use of processing automation to build multi-document integrative strategies that bring simple to extremely complex SMSF, tax and business strategies to life – not in weeks, days or hours but minutes. Compliant, secure, value added, intuitive and replicating my brain, experience and skill set. We have started with a related party lending strategy that meets the Commissioner’s guidelines PCG2016/5 and it is a huge one. We are close to finishing but it is one that would take weeks and $5,000+ to do. Watch out for it.

Then comes my specialty – SMSF training where we have built a comprehensive continuing professional development system where I Love SMSF could create value added content and strategy for the lowest cost possible. I knew that with FASEA coming to the fore and making CPD not only a legal requirement but punishable by business and career death for all those who don’t comply, CPD was no longer a shell game but real education. Not simply doing it for doing its sake, but real strategic CPD that translates into client strategies, opportunities and a boost to the business bottom line. We have just finished the content program for I Love SMSF for the rest of 2019 and it is epic. And all strategic plus available for as low as $14 per CPD hour.

Now we are launched and starting on the upslope with clear skies in front of us, the Board of LightYear Group is again using innovation in its capital raising via crowdfunding. I am so excited that we can complete a retail offer and not have to be tied to only 20 shareholders. I want a large shareholder base of professionals to join with me and make the LightYear Group something that stands for growth, innovation and strategy. We will be opening the crowdfunding shortly with a minimum entry investment of $3,000 and a maximum $10,000. It is our goal, barring any acquisitions or developments for 50% of retained earnings to be paid as dividends, regularly. So if you are keen to use that SMSF money for something in the SMSF wheelhouse then register your interest so you are the first to be in front of the crowdfunding offer.

To register go here: https://www.smecrowdfunder.com/investment/lightyear-group/

To find out more about LightYear Docs go here: www.lightyeardocs.com.au

To find out more about I Love SMSF go here: www.ilovesmsf.com

Stay Strategic!

Grant Abbott – grant@ilovesmsf.com