Do you have SMSF Style?

Now you are going to have to give me some latitude and grace on this topic. I will get there – promise but just have to jump a couple of fences first. It will come together at the end.

As if I haven’t got enough to do in SMSF world, I thought as a side project I would write a book on presentation skills. After all I have given more than 1,500 SMSF presentations alone and trained on presenting. The book “Passionately Presenting” is close to finished and will be launched early next year.

SMSF Style

Now one of the key themes from “Passionately Presenting” is never public speak. This may seem odd for a book on presenting but when you think about it, it’s not really. You see, from my experience and no doubt from yours, you can tell when someone is public speaking. They are stiff, mouth going up and down, behind a lecturn more often than not, and well, in a simple word, boring!

Now a presenter, a passionate one will be engaging and have the energy of the room up and rising with maximum engagement from all present. But presenting is not about being on a big stage. You present every day, constantly and continuously. The first presentation you do is on looking in the mirror in the morning. And there are different types of presentation then and there. For example can you remember the “Hangover” presentation when you look in the mirror, see the puffy face, straggly hair, bloodshot eyes and well, you know it. Not the best presentation you or I have given. Then there is the “Excited” presentation, when you are in the process of doing something you find really exciting, whether it is work, play or pleasure. What does the mirror see of your presentation then?

Of course there is the presentation you give at a family dinner, to your friends, in a meeting at work, on a phone call, doing a pitch for a product and well, the list goes on. “Passionate Presenting” is about, consciously bringing the right energy and passion into whatever presentation that you go into. Simple, effective and extremely rewarding in terms of confidence and success.

Now, if you are like me and work with SMSF clients then your meetings, calls and presentations to them must have, what I call SMSF style. And what is that?
Well for me, SMSF style is:

  1. Confidence: You know you’re stuff and when I mean know it, you know that PCG 2017/3 relates to transition to retirement income streams and not LRBAs or death benefits. You will also know that a TRIS is covered under SIS Regulation 6.01. In any meeting or call, whether to a client, their lawyer, auditor or accountant you know your stuff. And by the way a great starting point is to get “The Guru’s Guide to SMSFs”;
  2. Personable: Most of my meetings with clients starts talking about family. Why? Well I am a great proponent of the Family SMSF and finding out all about the client’s families, the ins and outs, the black sheep, the golden child and more will come back ten-fold when you begin strategy development. Plus, and this is a big plus, it lets you into the client’s inner world and thinking. Opening up on the family brings rapport and trust.
  3. Understanding: This is a tough one for us professionals. But if you are going to delve into family, for the purpose of building a multi-generational family fund, you will find yourself down an emotional path at one time or another. Sometimes it is anger, or sadness, grief where you are looking after the remaining family and trustees when a SMSF member dies. You, and I need to absorb the emotion and let it ride out.
  4. Knowing: This is where you get beyond SMSF knowledge, which is easy to get on the internet and can build strategy while a set of circumstances are unfolding. Your mind turns over quickly with many strategic roads opening up in front of you – some instantly dismissed, others taken on board for investigation. There is nothing better than “knowing”.
  5. SMSF Belief: One of the things I teach and you may have heard me say it, is whenever a client asks whether they can do something, and I have been asked some weird stuff in my time, never – never say “No”. A “no” means that you are strategically close minded. If you are like me and believe that a SMSF should be used or at least investigated for most family wealth transactions then you have to get to a yes. How that looks or takes shape – well who knows. It is a mystery sometimes and that is where knowing comes in.

I could go on and on but SMSF style is really about the above five. Now I have a challenge for you. Present, with the above five into your mirror at home. It could be a simple presentation such as “Why a SMSF”. Put the above five into your presentation style and see what happens. Better still record it on your phone. Just don’t try Facebook Live until you have read my next book “Passionately Presenting.”