Now there is no doubt about it but the 2020 Easter will definitely be one of the strangest I have ever experienced.  I am glad I can get out and walk the dogs and have some exercise or I would be going crazy.  Still my work output has gone through the roof thanks to no travel and I am sure there are many of you that are likewise and thirsting for something different.

Well have I got a gift for you.  You may not have known but we held our first ever Succession, Asset Protection and Estate Planning (SAPEP) conference in March 2020 with 60 registrants.  Because of the coronavirus we streamed it plus had four people in a 100 seater room.  Now that was strange!  Anyway we went through a lot of strategies, ideas, knowledge and upskilling covering all that there is in SAPEP.  With more than $3Trillion to pass between generations over the next 20 years and a good percentage of estates being challenged under the broad family provisions changes, this is for me, the biggest opportunity I have ever seen in advising land.  And I was the first in on SMSFs and this beats that – guaranteed.  You don’t think SMSF taxes will change with the government’s coronavirus budget blowout?

Now when I am talking about SAPEP it is not just estate planning, it is stronger, more protective and often results in a Living Will implemented before death.  To be brutal most estate planning lawyers, who do not have an ongoing relationship with the client, get things seriously wrong.  They farm everything into the estate, including super, knowing there is a good chance that it will be challenged by lawyers representing a person who believes they have been left out or hard done by in the deceased’s estate.  And I can guarantee the only people who are making money out of this estate planning fiasco is – guess who?

*** To see what can happen when a small estate is interrupted by the legal profession under a family provisions challenge, read this great news article ( a must for all SAPEPers): Lawyers feast on Family Estate

SAPEP is about protection – ensuring the money and assets, during life and post death go where they are supposed to go, to lineage and bloodline family.  For me building assets in a SMSF and Leading Member Discretionary Trust – for family protection with little or NO assets in an estate is an achievement in protection.  And surprisingly it is not that hard to do.  It is a switch in mindset but if the coronavirus has not given you the ability to change things quickly, then nothing has.  So if you have the time this Easter and the inclination to get involved in an exciting, fulfilling specialised advice segment where you get paid well, clients love your work and you are challenged then SAPEPing is for you.

To get you started here are some resources as my gift to you.  I hope that you devour these, want more and start, more importantly delivering SAPEP to your clients.  At LightYear Docs and I Love SMSF we have the tools, the training, the marketing resources, client engagement letters, documents and advising help that will make any planner or accountant a best in class SAPEPer.

Note: Make sure that you are registered at as many of the following resources are to be found in our Strategy Centre which is free to our registered users (there is no cost for registration but a world of benefits).

Some Easter reading and learning tools for you:

  1. The Guide to Succession, Asset Protection and Estate Planning: Access the Ebook here
  2. Client Engagement Letters: EPOA and Basic Will letter and data capture plus The Protector for asset protection of your assets with no CGT or stamp duty
  3. Will and EPOA video training: EPOA and Will Training
  4. The Protector Training with Tim Munro: The Protector Video

Now if you have any questions at all shoot them to me at as I am here all Easter in full lockdown.