Introducing “SMSF Training Group” – in partnership with I Love SMSF, offering formal accreditation as well as its own accreditation for Family SMSF Advisers.


To register for the I Love SMSF & SMSF Training Group RG146 SMSF Specialist Accreditation, please enter your details below and we will be in contact within 24 hours.

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Completion of all 9 short courses will ensure participants are nationally recognised against the Diploma and Advanced Diploma competency standards (in accordance with RG146) for superannuation and self managed superannuation funds, securities, life insurance and managed investments.

More information regarding this accreditation is available here.


Ashleigh Jaremyn, Operations Director

Phil Manhire, Customer Service Manager

Kerry Hides-Pearson (RTO: Terra Cordis)


The SMSF Training Group Learning Management System

  • Easy to navigate curated content
  • Self-guided Knowledge Checks at the end of each topic
  • Accessible and fully responsive eLearning on any device
  • Self-paced learning

What courses will be covered under the RG146 SMSF Specialist Course?

  • Introduction to SMSFs, Family SMSFs and Strategic Thinking
  • The Law and SMSFs
  • Family bloodline SMSF Planning
  • Contributions & Excess Contributions
  • SMSF Investments, Investment Strategies & Compliance Laws
  • In-House Assets & Borrowings
  • Taxation of a SMSF
  • Accessing Superannuation Benefits
  • SMSF Estate Planning

Each of these courses is designed to provide a comprehensive in-depth look at various topics relating to SMSFs and Family SMSFs.  The online short courses are packaged into independent modules including all of the following elements:

  • Specific topic content
  • Additional audio-visual resources providing valuable topic insights
  • Relevant ATO rulings and guidelines
  • Applicable legislation
  • Self-guided Knowledge Checks (does not form part of assessment)
  • An assessment (in the form of a quiz) – to validate the CPD and accreditation achieved


Q) Why the impetus to complete training now?

A) Are you on the Financial Services Register?

The RG146 SMSF Specialist Course offers you the opportunity to be recognised as an “existing adviser”, benefiting from transitional arrangements for the new financial adviser professional standards.

On 1 August 2018 ASIC announced changes to reporting dates for a number of required notifications in the transition to the new financial adviser professional standards reforms as follows:

18-225MR Professional standards reforms for financial advisers

Financial advisers who are listed on the Financial Advisers Register (FAR) between 1 January 2016 and 1 January 2019 will be recognised as an ‘existing provider’ under the new professional standards. 

Therefore, financial advisers who are currently authorised to provide personal advice to retail clients on more complex financial products should make sure they are on FAR. 

Without recognition as an ‘existing provider’ an adviser must pass an exam and complete an approved qualification by 1 January 2019 to work as a financial adviser. They must also undertake a year of work and training. 

 Q) I have completed some of the RG146 requirements for “providing advice” but not all. Which areas are covered by the RG146 SMSF Specialist course provided by I Love SMSF & SMSF Training Group?

A) The I Love SMSF Course ensures participants are nationally recognised against the following Diploma and Advanced Diploma competency standards (in accordance with RG146) for superannuation and self managed superannuation funds, securities, life insurance and managed investments.

This course also offers 30 CPD points with the SMSF Association, and 53.5 CPD points with the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

Competency list

FNSASIC301    Establish client relationship and analyse needs

FNSASIC302    Develop, present and negotiate client solutions

FNSINC501      Conduct product research to support recommendations

FNSIAD502      Provide appropriate and timely information and advice to clients

FNSASICT503  Provide advice in managed investments

FNSASICU503 Provide advice in superannuation

FNSASICW503 Provide advice in securities

FNSASICX503  Provide advice in life insurance

FNSCUS505    Determine client requirements and expectations

FNSCUS506    Record and implement client instructions

FNSSMS501    Invest self-managed superannuation funds assets

FNSSMS505    Support trustee in the selection and performance monitoring of outsourced services

FNSSMS601    Provide advice in self-managed superannuation funds

FNSSMS602    Consider taxation requirements when advising in self-managed superannuation funds

FNSSMS603    Apply legislative and operational requirements to advising in self-managed superannuation funds


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