I Love SMSF brings together the best technical and strategy resources and strategic marketing ideas for SMSF’ers, accountants, financial planners and specialist advisers. Membership with I Love SMSF is ideal for those looking for in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry.

About I Love SMSF

I Love SMSF is the home of Family SMSF and SMSF advisers, offering specialised education, resources and training into this lucrative field. The I Love SMSF platform allows members access to a Members-only and continually updated SMSF TV Channel, the ability to earn up to 53 CPD points per annum through fully-accredited strategy webinars, training courses and events; and, for the Strategist level and above, ongoing technical support via our strategy forum and dedicated email/phone channel.

An ongoing important issue for advisers is the cost-effectiveness and efficiencies of their CPD/education. On that note, anyone registering as an I Love SMSF Strategist, gets to have an additional two firm members automatically qualify for our education program (CPD), often at AQF9 Level, which is the equivalent of a post graduate level rather than the normal AQF5 or 6 from other providers. It’s also worth mentioning that much of the CPD can be earned online.

An I Love SMSF FSA (Family SMSF Adviser) gets to have an additional three firm members qualify for CPD as per above, along with many other extra benefits. So, for both Strategists and FSA’s, it becomes a very inexpensive way to benefit from receiving quality, topical education.

The I LOVE SMSF Team, headed up by industry-leading guru Grant Abbott, is truly excited at being at the forefront of this new era in SMSF advice and planning. Involvement in this arena will be challenging, exciting and rewarding.

The rewards for our top level membership, I LOVE SMSF FSA’s (Family SMSF Advisers), will come from being able to:

  • pro-actively assist families with their business and financial lifestyle objectives;
  • help bring about a long-overdue upsurge of professionalism within the profession of SMSF advisers;
  • assist Financial Planners, Accountants and SMSF Advisers to organically (and ethically) grow their businesses;
  • have SMSF Fund Trustees cope more adequately with their Trustee responsibilities … amongst other benefits.

Not sure what the differences are between a Family SMSF and a Common SMSF? Click here for a summary and contact us at support@ilovesmsf.com to learn more!



About Grant Abbott

Grant Abbott is a leading self-managed super fund author, commentator and presenter in Australia.

His latest book, The Guru’s Guide to Self-Managed Super Funds, is a best-seller and provides strategic insight into SMSF strategy for:

  • Super members currently in an industry or retail super fund wanting to know whether an SMSF is for them
  • Existing SMSF members and trustees looking to take their SMSF ideas, knowledge, strategy and wealth creation to the next level
  • SMSF industry professionals wanting practical advice through detailed workbooks, strategy guides and knowledge manuals

Grant has been immersed in the SMSF industry since the early days, playing a major role in the initial super laws, the Superannuation Industry Supervision Bill 1993, that created the first self-managed super fund. Grant has a series of firsts to his name. He recorded the first-ever video on SMSFs in 1994, live-streamed the first internet training video on SMSFs in 1998, built the first online-based SMSF administration platform in 1999, and created the first specialist adviser course in 2000. Over the course of his career, Grant has presented on SMSF strategy over 1,500 times and to more than 100,000 people.


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